Something about you! 😉 Welcome back all dearest friends and readers from the US, Taiwan, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, China, Ukraine, the UK, India, France, Poland, Albania, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Mexico, Spain, Philippines, Cameroon, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR China! 😉

Corresponding links:

. Your Heart & Mirth!
. Chase Cheese²
. More to Do!
. High Cost Cheap War!
. Happy Spring/Easter!
. Great CA Gas Economy!
. Chinese Apology!
. Correct Your Errors!
. Love & Valentine’s!
. Winter-wear New Deal!
. Dangerous!
. Trees & Beauty!
. Hair Sniffing (Cont.) 

Those are the links for a number of our posts which were praised by readers for some special reasons. In some cases were a bit vague. There were more that liked for this year, probably while you’re counting down for the New Year, you may expect more 🙂sophieChannel

Until then, let’s meet and talk via our posts, with our hugs and kisses

Qatar Airways

Littman Jewelers

SophieChannel NewYellos

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