Just let me into your life! 😉 Welcome to your nice time everyone, from the US, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Australia, China, the UK, Vietnam, France, Singapore, India, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Maldives, Egypt, Poland, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, Caribbean Netherlands, Morocco, Brazil, and Nigeria! 😉

You don’t know what’s your next hit.
Do you know what your next hit is?
Nobody knows.



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The reason is that it’s a combination of elements and time. In the past, we talked about walking into time or driving into time, which was a bit weird but you felt it, at least one time in your great life.

Or May be not 🙄

What’s wrong? You’re not in the mood of writing?

No problem, just describe how your day was.
it’s simple
it’s easy
it’s nobody’s business, a draft would be ok. No worries.

It sounds like a good idea. 💡 🙄

My day was short or relatively short due to the new time change and the early sunset. Once the sun disappears, i feel as if everything is in its way to sleep. It’s a fact. that’s exactly how it feels.

Save with our Black Friday Flight Sale! Grab extra $60 discount** with Coupon code BFRIDAY60 Valid 10/30 until 11/29I look at my bed, and i think in my mind: “Wow, this is the best moment in my life– just going to bed”, as you know it’s not easy to sleep well and every time i jump into my bed, i hope that it would be a deep sleep with no interruptions. One day i slept 23 hrs. there has been interruptions but few. every time i went back to my bed i continued sleeping.

Without doubt, this doesn’t happen everyday. it’s only every now and then.

There is a train noise coming from the Bart to my bedroom. it used to keep me awake but i got used to it to an extent that i no longer hear it.

That’s how things go on in your life. At the beginning they have loud noise. Then gradually and without paying attention to details, they fade away a bit

by bit, and then they become as if they no longer exist.

Magnificent, isn’t it? You would accept that fact, but you keep reminding yourself of things that you don’t want them to fade away on you. In a relationship, it’s moving you at the beginning, but then it calm down as if the fire is put down. You may still have the sensation of like but love may not be there any more; admiration that kept you awake for long nights has become an old story.50% Off Select Filtration Systems

Few ModaRelationships have become shorter and lighter as if you know that it’s not going to last from the very beginning. You hope it would but it’s not always the case, and it has nothing to do with you or with your partner. It’s different factors involved.

Now, you’re dealing with very complicated life. if you had a wall, and i wish that you had one, you can assign one side to trace your life. Start by making columns for each important category in your life: security, health, income, housing, shopping, work, family, etc..

Under each category, make a narrower columns. for example family: wife/hus, son, daughter, grandson, and start adding to each category the relevant issues in your life. For instance, under your daughter, write down: a new vehicle, health, issues, school, friends, special occasions.

Then you’re still be adding up to each points and so forth. Thinking of that, it will take you probably days to finish all aspects of your beautiful life. Seriously, it’s never simple. It’s highly sophisticated process.

This is only as a demo for yourself, to see how well you’re doing and how you have the ability to manage all of these different aspects of your life like a maestro with steady boots on the ground.

Shop Few ModaR. History dear, history. Wall? Columns? You know, we were kids, what a difference (with a deep sigh)!

X. Wishing the youth to come back for one day? Most of you do!

X. Anyway, after you heard a little bit of Dalida’s “Paroles”, what do you think of Epstein?

R. Humm, I think every time I read his name, it brings to me Einstein, is there a similarity in the way they are both spelled? 

R. Is he a good guy, a bad one, a killed one?

X. Well, how do you expect me to know among all those contradictory facts and with a corrupted media that only howl down to sell. Where’s the truth? It’s lost my dear.

R. It can’t be forever.

Back to your wall. This is you. One individual in one community, like a tree with heavy branches. It could be as big as the largest tree in your world. But wait a minute how about people who work on the top leadership? How is it that they could manage everything in your country’s life? How tough that would be?

Very arduous. I know some people wouldn’t even go there, in spite of the fact that it would make anyone under the spotlight all the time, but in your world there are people who are not interested in grabbing attention or spotlights they’d rather spend the night among their family members, watching a movie and having a bucket of popcorn.

Is that right?

Yes, yep!

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