Like the thunder in the sea! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Czech Republic, the UK, Poland, Hong Kong SAR China, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Kenya, Malaysia, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and India! 😉

Sometimes there are things that make you jump out of your spot and scream “Invalid”!

Validity is very important word you need to consider before assuming anything or before coming into any specific conclusion. 

Only when there is a clear-cut physical proof, only then your assumption might be valid. As for someone heard someone saying something about something. It’s ridiculous!50% Off Select Filtration SystemsShop Few Moda

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Is there a proof of that? Sure there is. Look at the US deficit and you’d understand what’s going on.It's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus SizeTUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks 728x90Rosa and Amy had their own points of view when they heard the comparison between: “if the someone came in boots and rainy coat and umbrella, it means that it was raining outside.”


Amy: What a poor thought! 

1- You can’t compare verbal product with a visual one. The over the phone conversation was not even an eye-to-eye, while the person step inside a place is a moving entity, a physical touchable object (human being).

Therefore, it’s invalid comparison.

Rosa: 2- Contrary to what’s been said, sometimes under certain circumstance,  appearances are deceiving, and in order to make sure that your assumption was correct you need to ask the person involved.

Someone wearing rain-boots and raining coat and an umbrella and got into the court. You may assume that it’s raining outside, but you may assume as well that the person was crazy, or, the person was coming back from some kind of work that required wearing rubber boots and didn’t have the time to change.Invalid

There are plenty of mining workers or oil rigs workers or wastewater workers or fisheries workers or Sea World attendants; many other jobs that require wearing rubber boots or raining coat or plastic head cover or plastic umbrella hat type, or may be acting in a movie similar to this famous scene in Sabrina movie 1995. 😆

Therefore it’s invalid argument my dear Mr. Genius.                          sophiechannelCashmere in Love
Cashmere in LoveUntil we chat again, keep busy, it’s the busiest time of the year. Share your ideas with our hugs and kisses

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