Hair Sniffing (Cont.)

Always thanks for being with us, friends from the US, Russia, Romania, the UK, Netherlands, Malaysia, Argentina, India, Philippines, Australia, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Canada!

You need another laugh, that is what we heard, here it is:

SophieSniffingJokes2.Hair sniffing is a NO, NO, NO. Really?

. Some people like it.

. Why are you so cruel?

. Media said so!

. All newspapers said so!

. Do you want me to believe you or believe the TV? 

Until we chat again, stay close to us, share your stories, we’re all ears to your words, and by the way why the Mar a Lago woman fell off the media radar? Was there some instructions to avoid talking about it, and only claim that the malware story? Virus doesn’t require the physical barge in, it was another reason, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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