Hair Sniffing, Ahuh!

Always thanks for being with us, friends from the US, Russia, Romania, the UK, Netherlands, Malaysia, Argentina, India, Philippines, Australia, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Canada! 😉

It’s hilarious clip for Joe Biden. Sorry Joe, you brought it on yourself! Just kidding, it’s a mistake but you’ve been a bit arrogant in the way you handled it. In stead of saying flat sorry, it was: “I GOT IT i GOT IT” which sounded like “STOP IT STOP IT. ENOUGH!”  Joe, you know better!

                Modo BathIGXO Cosmetics

USA Car Record

Well, people need a laugh especially among all these fast incidents and accidents that take place locally and all over the world.

Let’s give you another laugh, then:


  Modo Bath

Until we laugh again, check on out updated topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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