Happy Spring/Easter!

Just wishing you all very “Happy Easter” if you would, or just very “Happy Spring Start” whichever you prefer! 🙂 Great and welcome to have you all here, from the US, Spain, Taiwan, Poland, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, Peru, and Mexico! 😉

Taking a brief walk is such a good idea; sometimes it brings you memories  that you’d rather not to have, at least for the time being.

It opens the doors for your stress to get out, which is quite unusual to happen during this era of your crazy life rhythm. You need a break of everything, just you and the nature. Wow! It feels good and peaceful.SophieSpringSharing.jpg

For a moment you’d think why don’t I lay down on that green grass, and take a deep breath of that fresh clean air? But then you realize that the grass is not right under your feet. It’s out there under the cliff.SophieSpringSharing2.jpg

This is one step to energize your body and deal with issues in a lower-noise surrounding where you can hear the water running softly in the creek or the dog bark at a distance, or the birds chirp amusingly.

You talk to yourself: “Did I really say that? Oh! I should have started that or Yep, she is very good at that, or of course I like it, and I’ll keep talking about it until something is seriously done about it. You just keep talking back and forth to yourself, correcting things or adjusting new ideas. Mainly editing thoughts in your fantastic mind. How wonderful this is?!

Taking photos is another great culminating way  in dealing with any stress that you carry on your back and aren’t able to get rid of for some time.

Until we chat again, just enjoy your moments, life is too short, bring the balance to it via sharing our inspirational thoughts, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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