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A great pleasure to be with all of you, everywhere: from the US, Taiwan,Colombia, Germany, Iraq, Mexico, Romania, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Netherlands, Uruguay, Thailand, South Korea, and India! 😉

Don’t ask how we got that info of that guy coz it just came to us by one of the people who encountered a problem with him. We’ll explain in a moment.

First, thank you for being here, and for having confidence in your site. Our apologies for having some technical issues during that past week, but it’s being taken care of and we hope that it would be stabilized soon for a long time with you always around us.

SophieGasPricesGas prices! Highest Gas Prices in the US, in California! Why? Why is it the US Highest Gas prices, Mr. Funny Governor?

Is it coz the new Governor can’t run your state the way it should be, or is it due to the mafia and gangs getting hold of CA resources and taxes?

Rent is going higher, so is buying houses. Gas Tax is adding more burden to your bills. You can’t meet all these bills, and so is all other middle-class people like you. You don’t have a heard voice, speak louder if you really seek your rights.

You are stripped of your rights, not only as a human but also as community member.

Qatar AirwaysYou have the power to change things, you just can’t see it. CA administration put you in a constant series of sufferings. You can’t keep up with solving your pending issues.

Be happy coz your picture is being published now in all health service networks without taking your permission. Horray!  🙄

Even your own picture, you don’t have a say about it anymore. Rotten tomatoes! Rotten system! It can be published anywhere without asking for your consent. Now it’s everywhere in the CA Health internal network, as if you were a criminal.

Alas, no respect for you!
No respect for your rights!RightsGasPhotosSophie

You need to defend your rights! If you abandon your rights, say bye-bye to them. They will no longer exist. Pufffhufff!

Be smart. Be stubborn about your rights!
Bring down the gas Taxes, if this is the reason for the crazy skyscrapers prices that you deal with on a daily basis. Insist on your own right to get reasonable gas prices. It used to be .25 cents/gallon. What is wrong with $2/gallon? It’s a good reasonable fair price that should prevail for the longest period of time, until you can take your breath, and manage to run your life better than that.

Ask for your picture to be taken down of that stupid system- CA Health Network system. It’s nonsense to publish your photo online and to be seen by  millions of workers everywhere without taking your permission

It should be like an option, if you want to opt-out, it’s your choice, if not, it’s still your choice.

Would CA Governor deny your rights in your photos too?!!

Shame Shame on that policy! Who are these people?!

These are people who care for dogs more than for you, people who want to steal everything you have. They can’t steal your pride, that is if you had any left on you!

Until we chat again, stick to us continue to dig deeper into our topics, you’d find plenty of cool ideas.


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Modo Bath

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