To Veterans!

Dearest Veterans and families, we owe you forever! Thank you! 😉 Lovely people from everywhere: the US, France, Spain, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Philippines, Romania, Albania, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR China, Switzerland, Russia, Jordan, Germany, Netherlands, Philippines, Egypt, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, China, Japan, Thailand, Jersey, Turkey, Indonesia, the UK, Ghana, Vietnam, Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Poland, Australia, and Canada!

Few ModaYes, it’s everyone in here or in any other country, you owe your Veterans for their utmost sacrifice: their lives.

The least you can do is to say “Thank you“, and wish not to have any more wars that would result in hurting your youth or your family.

Of course it might not be your decision to order them to go to war but you might have been silent in not saying anything about it, which means that your silence played a part in recruiting them.

War takes the youngest, the healthiest, the bravest, and the blossoms of your hearts. Your Veterans, if lived the war, of terrible war memories, which they are not even able to talk about it.

Be supportive to your Veterans and treat them well with appreciation and kindness.

Until we resume our talk again, just enjoy yourself, and take a break with our hugs and kisses

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