Even if it was in your dreams, it’s still great to see yourself as a Queen! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Germany, Canada, the UK, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Japan, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hungary, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa, India, Sweden, Bulgaria, Chile, and Philippines! 😉

It’s quite unsurprising to read that some countries dislike the US. Why? OMG! May be endless reasons such as killing people in those countries. Is this enough reason?
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Not our topic for today but some countries have become very famous, hmmm, do you mean Ukraine? While others developed the name to be covering up for gangsters and thugs. Oh, this must be Mexico when refused the US help to eradicate the plague of gangs who are killing people openly, but their gov used the excuse of keeping sovereignty to refuse US help. Wow!

    Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways        How about the intentional attack by Buddhists who try hard to promote their beliefs via a bar of chocolate with bookmarks that carry the picture of Buddha? Yes, it’s happening now in California.

Rosa said that China was focused on CA and that there was a trend to turn it all into a big China Town. Manny cut her off saying that that was impossible to happen with the diversity who lived in the Bay Area, and in CA as a whole.

“Boring”, Baby shouted out, “Let them, what would happen? They wouldn’t succeed!sophiechannel“Did you have a walk this week, teacher?” I answered: “No”. Although it’s one of the little pleasures I have in life, but I find myself lazy with the winter cold weather. I’m still resisting the gaining of weight but I need to work harder on this project. “I’ll start having it on my calendar”, I continued which reminded me of the 2020 Calendar.

“Guys, we need to work on the 2020 calendar, any suggestions, any new ideas?”, I asked. “Yes, there are plenty online which we can use for free,” Grace said. “How come? We need our own creativity, our own minds to work,” Bella said.

Oh! Where is it? You can’t see it or feel it any more, do you? Where is your creativity? Where is it? Has it gone forever? Of course there are new things here and there, but do you feel its authenticity? Do you see the beauty of creativity? Not really, right? 

How about dreams? Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in dreams’ interpretations? I think you were asked that question before, but may be in another context. You’d hear more about it in connection to what we published before soon.Polar Whale Makeup OrganizersShop for Holiday Gifts and Attire

Until then, keep loving each other, keep looking for love, enjoy your posts and catch up with what you’ve missed. Make time to your inspiration well with our hugs and kisses

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