Great CA Gas Economy!

Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Tu the UK, Indonesia, Colombia, Germany, the UAE, Australia, Romania, and Uganda! 😉

That was really so astonishing! The reason was not the corner Gas Station where he was stripping at, nor the  mind-loss he demonstrated shamelessly and publicly for everyone, but rather the yellow arrow he was holding tightly with his hand, covering the front of his body, while pointing at the large Gas Station Price Sign!

USA Car Record

The guy was nuts or went nuts recently since his jacket, cap, shirt, tie, shoes, and socks were right there on the sidewalk of the gas station next to him. He was completely naked exactly as he was born from the womb of his mother, but he wasn’t there. He was somewhere else where nobody would know where.SophieEconomy

He decided to leave our world in his own way, and the obvious reason was the financial stress. He chose specifically a corner of a gas station to express his anger on your world. He didn’t know what else to do as my daughter said when she saw

You wouldn’t imagine how many mental cases you have in CA due to financial depression. Gas prices are definitely among the reasons. When you pay $ 4.5/gallon, it’s a lot for many people, whose jobs do not pay for their gas consumption like other Congress seats.

Oh, or may be this is the result of the great CA economy, is it?


Until we chat again, sometimes it’s a cruel world for some, so help others as much as you can, love other souls, save them, get your energy ignited with our hugs and kisses ❤


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