Your Life Matters!

Yes, it matters! Enjoy what you have and forget about what you won’t have! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere; especially the US, India, Australia, the Philippines, and Greece 😉

In a brief discussion in one of our classes, we talked about “walk into” and students came up with many examples. Some of them were very interesting.

Lamar said: “One time my dad walked into the wrong wife”. Dodo laughed out loud saying: “He must have walked into the wrong bar”. The students were laughing but learning at the same time. 

With all the nice weather we’re having today, I experience this mood of enjoying things, after reading an article about how to give your mind and body a break from stress.SophieDaffodils

The road was so quite, in my way to the library. The trees were on both sides of the road with empty branches but so pretty. A middle island with some white daffodil flowers were dancing with the breeze.  It was warm inside the car since it was parked in the sun and opening the A/C was not among my options.

That smooth gentle wind made me feel as if I was walking in time.  I kept thinking if we should express that moment by saying: “Walking in time or Walking into time”? Eventually, I thought never mind jut enjoy the ride.

It’s very strange feeling when you’re moving forward inside your vehicle, while everything around you is so calm accepting your progress in going forward. It feels as if you’re swimming bringing both arms to the front to open the path pushing the water away both bringing your arms back to your side, where you’d proceed ahead without knowing what’s behind that water.SophieLifeMatters

In a way, tranquility and serenity bring you that feeling of satisfaction embracing everything surrounding you. May be it was the nature or life!

At one moment, I thought I should stop and take a photo for a tree that had the most beautiful  clusters of orange flowers, but I didn’t want to get out of that feeling.

What’s more was having a big bottle of water under the right front seat, and it sounded as if its cap wasn’t tight enough. I was in the process of getting worried that the bottle would be spelled inside the car and then I defied that thought at once. I didn’t want to lose the moment.

I talked myself out of that worry-type thinking. When I arrived at the library, I found nothing wrong with that bottle. It was all false concern.

Until we chat again, get to know your library and our topics with our hugs and kisses

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