Strategic vs. Tactical

Strategic thinking is to do things the right way; but tactical thinking is to manage’m correctly! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Brazil, India, Australia, Latvia, Paraguay, Ukraine 😉

Sometimes you don’t want to know! Sometimes, it’s even better not to know!

Like what she said in this song:

When you’re desperate and you can’t go anywhere with all these revolving issues around your head. You’re waking up in the morning having all kinds of scripts going on inside your tiny head without stop. Is it stress? Or are you going koko? 


It’s not that terrible feeling but you just in a down moment and you need to surface safely instead of diving into the wave.

Just chatting.

Until we talk again, send your comments and get your instant inspiration via our topics with our hugs and kisses

News Insights:
. Hostages.


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