Ultimate Options!

A shock may do two things to you: either destroy you or make you hard to be obliterated, and the choice is all yours! 🙂 Sure you’re welcome every time you come back to your pages! Thanks for our friends from the US, India, Slovenia, Pakistan, and South Africa 😉

You’re going to be hurt, but this doesn’t mean that you should become detached and emotionless. Being hurt by bad people is part of your ultimate options. Life brings you all SophieUltimate.jpgkinds of people. Some are nice appreciating everything you do for them and try to return it back to you, while others are senseless selfish and can eat you alive.

This is part of being a grown-up, knowing how individuals act around you. However, sometimes you feel that you’re no longer capable of keeping yourself the way you are. You get freaked out that one day you’d turn into one of these people whom you feel that they are inhumane. Then, how can you protect yourself? What are the facts that could turn you into one of these numb people?

A number of reasons are given to us that can cause turning you into this insensible state:

.   Technology: An over reliance working with technology and not feeling, sensing, moving, imagining a connection with our whole bodied self including our emotions and physicality can “draw” us “out of body”.

. Dependence on logical thinking and others’ opinions: Where you  would be detached of using your own energy and physicality, which will gradually affect your ability in taking decisions or the right ones.

.  Shock: it’s hard to keep up with your dreams, let alone having a trauma or a shock from a major bad event that happen to you. This is a very good reason that can make you feel isolating yourself from the whole community around you. Your self is going to protect itself from pain and from getting into another grief or shock.

“Life sucks”! This was a phrase that a 9 yrs old boy said to to his dad while I was shopping the other day with my daughter. To tell you the truth, we were both completely surprised by that boy. He looked very normal, but you never know who is around you any more!

Smarthome LIFX 'works with' - shop now! The best way to protect yourself is to check on your moods and interests from time to time. For instance, did you lose interest in eating one of your favorite dishes? Did you stop going to the gym? Did you procrastinate when it comes to having long walks? Do you watch a lot of TV or eat a lot of Pizza?

Go out, see people, interact with others, attend a local event, do anything in the open air, just have any recreational activity outside your room. Feel nature and contemplate the beauty of life. 

Any behavior that would harm you means that you’re opening the door to boredom and other detaching symptoms to creep into your life, and you do not want that. Fight it!

Happy Birthday, my dear son!

Until we chat again, stay attached to our topics with our hugs and kisses

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