1Zumba! Sorry, Unfixable!

Thank you dear friends and readers wherever you are. It’s our pleasure to be with you, and to talk to everyone of you, especially our new guests from the US, Mexico, Malaysia, Austria, Romania, Canada, Bulgaria, the UAE, n Singapore 😉

Hello my 1Zumba friend, how’s things going with you? Are you still thinking about what you told us? I hope not. I know that you’re a strong person, and your smart natural  instincts would take you where you should be heading. 😉

Smart guys!  Pay attention!

Computers’ business, I think, are ripping up people. My daughter bought her 3rd computer in one year, as if she is buying chewing gum. Every time, it’s the  same problem, it’s getting slower than ever, as if they were programmed, just to work well for a six-month period, and after that no guarantee.

when you take the computer to a shop, a list of questions is asked, do you have an insurance plan? When did you buy it, bla bla bla…

You always have to pay, but still no guarantee for the repairs, or anything. Therefore, many people prefer to buy a new computer, instead of going through all the headache of making a thousand trips to that store again.

Our competition today is for Question No.17. Here it is, and good luck. 🙂

Our 1Zumba friend, Pierce, it’s really hard to tell, if your daughter was wrong, or if you were the one to blame. First of all, what you did was unethical,and if her mom (your wife) knew about it, I think, she would ask for a divorce at once.   That is the least, and you’ve got to bear the consequences, coz the girl was only 9 years old, for God’s sake

Dust, 1Zumba friend, I cannot answer your question, and the only reason is that you didn’t provide any details for the who situation, so when you can speak openly about it, I would gladly answer you.

Yes, Paula, dear 1Zumba friend, “everyone has dreams”, but our economy makes it hard for everyone to live with dignity, and afford a decent living. The only way to have the right living for everyone, and to have a fair share of our wealth, is to do something. You asked such as what? I would repeat what one of my teachers say: “When an administration does not find its working employees work, what will they do? Negotiate“. May be, this is exactly what is needed to have a decent living in this country.💡 💡

Thank you for being with us tonight. We conclude our session for now, and we will be back momentarily, to give you a great recipe, to prepare a nice dinner for tonight, and share it with your beloved ones. So until then, here’s our hugs ❤

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