1Zumba, New CA Concert!

Hello dear friends & readers. It’s great pleasure to talk to you again, especially our new visitors from the US, Russia, Sudan, & Australia 😉

Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful concert, my 1Zumba friend!  It was jut fabulous in everything.

Celebrating that great game, having that great dinner, chatting forever with nice great company. All in all, we had great time, & it was all because of you 😉

This free concert will be on the first Thursday of July, August, & September, downtown Pleasant Hill, CA. I encourage you to attend this terrific band. I was lucky to have a short video for one of their songs.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoy it, and to have a great time 😉

Free concert

Dear 1Zumba friend, Tom, it was so funny! Let me share it with our friends here. This is about some unintended conversations while eating:

Please chew with your mouths closed.
I don’t yike dis.

Five more bites.
What’s for dessert?
You’re not getting dessert unless you eat your food.
My juice spilled!
Why did you put your cup so close to the edge?
I didn’t. Someone else touched it.
I’m going to frow up.

Haha! Thanks for sharing.

We’ll have to go to have some dinner, & come back again to continue our chat together. So stay tuned, and if you’re done with this post, go back to earlier posts. We like you guys to have all the info we provided before, and not to miss any part of it.

Stay cool, & send your big hugs to us ❤



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