New Jersey SuperStar!

Better build your palace on the solid ground instead of on the thin air! Thank you dearest readers and friends from the US, India, Macedonia, Australia, the UK, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, & South Korea 😉

Let’s have a lot of fun with our gorgeous SuperStar from New Jersey, USA. 

One more time, we’re adding a fabulous SuperStar in the field of fitness. She is one of our brilliant members in our famous group 1ZumbaCircles on FB. She has very special new methods of losing weight, which, let’s say,  is her real field of specialty. Eager to meet her, and hear what she’s saying? OK!

Pay attention then, here it comes:Mich6

– How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers & friends? –

My name is Michelle Smith.  I have been a Zumba Instructor since February of 2011.  I am licensed to teach: Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids, Zumba Senato, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, and Strong by Zumba.  In addition to being a Zumba Instructor, I am also a Health and Wellness Coach. I assist others to help them reach their weight loss goals through a specific Nutritional Cleansing Program called Isagenix.

How did you start thinking of taking this career? – Why did you feel you like it, or Mich3what attracted you the most about fire dancing? –

I took my first Zumba class in 2005. I was a student for 6 years and loved taking classes. I decided at some point that I wanted to become an instructor and went for it!

When I first started teaching I was about 40 lbs. overweight. I would get tired by the middle of my class and did not feel that I had the energy and stamina need to give 100% to my students. That is when I first discovered Nutritional Cleansing.

I joined the program in 2011 and lost 40 lbs, gained lean muscle, and my energy went through the roof. All my friends, family and Zumba students were asking what I did to lose the weight. That is when I decided to also join Isagenix as a business.

What kind of work is it, i.e. are you employed by a company? Is it a partnership? etc. –

Mich2Isagenix is a Network Marketing Company.  I was very skeptical and uninformed about Network Marketing.  However, I jumped in and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.  

I am not getting paid to help so many others reach their goals and I am helping them live a healthy lifestyle – not struggle with a “diet”. This is the perfect opportunity for Fitness Instructors to earn a residual income by helping others through Nutrition in addition to their fitness classes.  I am always looking to add valuable members to my team and welcome anyone to inbox me if they want more information on the business side of Isagenix.

What other hobbies or line of work are you involved in, additionally to fire dancing? –

Since I have a deep passion for helping others get fit and healthy, I created a brand called – Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle.  Under this brand I do the following:

– Lead 30 day fitness challenges on Facebook Live every weekday morning at 7:30 am EST.

– Coach others on the Nutritional Cleansing Program – (Isagenix) to assist them to reach their goals.

– Created an Online Community with my private Facebook Group: Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle.  

– I created and produce a video series called “Fitness Fun Friday” Each week my friend and I take a fitness class or do an activity.  Our purpose to show others how many different ways there are to get in a workout and stay active.

I also have a YouTube Channel and recently reached 3,000 subscribers. This is where I post our Fitness Fun Friday video series, as well as choreography I create for my Zumba classes.


Is there times, when you wish that you choose another line of work?

Never!  I do not consider this work.  I still can’t believe I get paid to have so much fun!

How many participants/members in your team?

I have personally enrolled 100’s of people in the program. I teach 6 Zumba classes a week all at different gyms, so I cannot put a number on how many different people I interact with daily and I love that! I currently have 155 members in my Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle Facebook Group.

Is it a rewarding job? (Emotionally or financially). –

BOTH!!  Helping others reach their goals is incredible and so rewarding. My main purpose is to help people see that working out and eating the right nutrition is actually FUN!  It is not a chore or a challenge. The money  I earning both as a Zumba instructor and health coach has helped me to contribute to our family income.

How’s your daily routine, or if you can walk me through a day in your life with our readers would be great. –

My morning starts with my 30 day Facebook Live Broadcast at 7:30 am. I then have a Zumba class I teach every morning.  After class is when I get home, I shower and have lunch. Then the kids get home from school and I put on my mommy hat!   It’s all about homework, soccer practice, and other after school activities.  

In the evenings is when I usually work on my Isagenix business or in the pockets of Michmy time during the day. I do not teach any Zumba classes on the weekend, but I am involved in many Zumbathons and Charity Events where I donate my time for free to help raise money for various charities / organizations.

What advice/message would you like to convey to people?

You can add, adjust, reply, or decline any of them. It’s totally up to you. We do not omit or add to any of your answers. You would provide all the photos that you’d like us to publish along with your post. Once it is edited and completed, we will send you your link for your reference, and convenient usage. Wishing you all the best.

My main message to the readers is that living a healthy lifestyle can be FUN!  I am motivated by inspiring, supporting, and motivating others to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.  To do so, it is really a combination of working out, fueling your body with the best nutrition, and always working on your mindset.  Fitness can be FUN – especially with me! More here! My Website

* My Facebook Group Fun Sized Fitness with Michelle
* My YouTube Channel
* My Facebook Business Page

Articles / Interviews I have been featured in:Mich5

I was featured in The Creative Spotlight – an educationally-based blog featuring local and national musicians, artists, business owners, motivational speakers, photographers, and other published authors. I was also interviewed for a podcast series called #AsktheCeo. My story about my journey to a healthy lifestyle was featured in the online magazine zlife by Zumba.

* Check out the article here
* You can watch the video here
* You can check out the article here

Wow! Did you feel this energy coming all the way from New Jersey to California via our beautiful Super Star Michelle. We are so lucky to have you Michelle, and we hope that we’ll be friends forever, as we always tell our 7000 SuperStars! You’ve become officially one of our family now. Thank you.

Do you need a break? I guess my team needs one, so here’s our hugs & kisses, keep following up with our stories, until we talk again with another fantastic SuperStar! 


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