Kids’ Opinion

Welcome to our pages dear readers and friends, it’s more than splendid to have you here today: from the US, Mexico, Libya, Russia, Poland, n Australia 😉

When you’re not in the mood, everything around you seem to be the same. Mary brought that subject to our attention, which I’m not sure if you’d agree with it or Image result for kids in blue uniformnot, but it’s important to be aware of what others think of matters like this.

Imagine a school auditorium full of alert children, all dressed neatly in blue and white uniforms, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Imagine these same children happily running out to play in their blue shorts and white Oxford shirts, playing tag and flying on swings. Whether or not to dress public school children alike has been the subject of much controversy in recent decades.

Opponents suggest that requiring uniforms will stifle children’s ability to choose, squash necessary individuality, infringe on the rights of children and families. Although there is some justification for these arguments, the benefits of uniforms Image result for kids in blue uniformfar outweigh the disadvantages. Adopting a uniform policy will benefit parents, children, and the school staff.

A uniform policy will benefit parents. Uniforms save parents money. Parents will not have to provide their children with a different matched set of clothes for each day. so fewer school clothes will be needed. Because uniforms are all the same style and shape and usually very well made, they can be passed down from older child to a younger one, or even sold.

On a recent survey, parents new to school uniforms estimated they saved up to $1000 on school clothes per child the first year alone. The survey also reported that 95% of parents attributed an increased feeling of peace to the adoption of the uniform policy. Children will have already agreed on what clothes their parents Related imagewill need to buy, so there will be fewer arguments on this often touchy subject.

Not only are parents happy to see a uniform policy in place, but their children benefit as well. If you were from a low-income home, wouldn’t you feel badly if you were not dressed as well as your peers? Children who dress differently are usually alienated from cliques at school and left to feel like outsiders. Often they are teased unmercifully.

Dressing in uniform eliminates that problem. Instead, uniformed children feel an increased sense of belonging that enables them to be more relaxed and quieter in school. Children do not need to compare their clothing with that of others, so they have fewer distractions during their learning time. Children like the policy because there is less nagging at home and dressing for school is much easier.Parents and children are not the only ones who are better off with school uniforms, Teachers and administrators love them too.

Uniforms cost the school no extra money, yet the benefits are great. coz there is less competition in school, teachers and administrator report that less time is spent mediating coz there are fewer fights, less bullying, n fewer complaints from students. Administrators n teachers can use the time they save to d what they are Image result for kids in blue uniformpaid to do -building school loyalty, form young minds, n teach basic skills. Teachers report a no more peaceful classroom, n administrators report a more cooperative student body.

Adopting a uniform policy will lighten the burden of parents. It will promote cheerfulness n scholarship in children Lastly, it will free the time n talents of teachers n administrators. What are we waiting for? We need to talk to our teachers, principals, n school boards, n give our children all the tools we can that will enhance their growth n development.

There has been a lot to be said in this topic, but we should consider the kids’ opinion, even if this sounds odd to some of us, but children sometimes see things that we do not see, and they are the ones who are going to wear this uniform anyway!

Here’s our hugs and kisses,  until we talk again in a little bit ❤

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