Explore Your World!

You own it. Never think otherwise! You own the whole world so act like one! 😉 Welcome back our dear friends from the US, India, Germany, Bangladesh, Georgia, Switzerland, the UK, Ukraine, and Turkey 😉

Lisa, Rene, Donna, Ray, and Hunters invite you to visit a rare museum in the Bay Area. I’ve been to that museum before, but I would still go again and again. The amazing thing about it is that it always has new ideas and new discoveries. It’s so alive and it captures your brain the whole time while you’re visiting.

I still remember that magical effect on me every time I visit it and the same goes for my students. They were surprised and amazed watching all those unique qualities of exploration surrounding them at CA Academy of Science.

This video is produced by the Academy and it is excellent option for you as an educator to use with your students (grades of 8-10) or even earlier grades if you want to SophieExploreknow who is really interested in such learning.

Young scientists can start here!

Your world is full of great things you need to explore and introduce a path to your kids to follow a bigger dreams. Think about it.  What do you know about the fish? What do you know about the planets? What do you know about the oceans, the rivers, the mountains, the valleys, etc. You get the point, right. It is fun to learn more about yourself, your body, your brain, your nature, your planets. You own a lot. The whole world is yours!

Until we talk again, keep digging deeper to know more about your world and our topics, with out hugs and kisses

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