What is going on in your world, humans?! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, Romania, the UK, Panama, Kenya, and Ukraine 😉

Too many news you need to know. In Concord early today, there has been a huge fire in an apartment complex site under construction. That has happened in its last phase as was told by the Concord Mayor.

At work, before I knew about that fire, I was talking to an instructional assistant about the strange traffic we experienced and she answered: “Oh yeh, it was the fire downtown Concord. When Peggy asked her: “Where was that?” She answered with a cheerful spiting smile on her face, as if she was saying that it was great to have that fire on that new complex, but she didn’t say that in words, she said: “the huge nee-youuuuu apartments- ah the whole building, all of it” raising her eyebrows shaking her face like a seesaw up and down.SophieConcordFlames

I didn’t understand and I didn’t comment, but after she was gone, Scott said: “Can you imagine that Belly was happy about the fire? So weird.” Although I agreed it was not normal the way she reacted, but I didn’t respond, because the truth was I really didn’t know why she acted like that. There must be a reason. What do you think it was?! 🙄

Whatever her reason was it was bad that she felt  happy for a disaster, a damage, or an accident in which there could be some casualties. I drove by the building on fire, I couldn’t believe that that happened. It was terrible view. The smell was incredibly stinky as if it was a burned rubber. The water was all the way up on and the smoke was heading up to join the other small clouds of smoke.


It was funny to see the accident on the News Channel where the spokesman said: “What you need to know about this fire is that it’s a $55 million dollar building and that the roads downtown Concord will be closed until further notice for investigation purposes.” Nothing was mentioned about victims until later time when residents of that area were taken to hospitals to be treated from inhaling the smoke.

Until we chat again soon, stay tuned with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses



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