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Hey my 1Zumba friend! How’re you doin?  Still giving your smiles to everyone, or forgetting to do it any more?  Lately, I forget my smiles, now, I remember that I need to try harder. Smiling is a bless! 😉

“Always stay positive” is something you may hear in personal growth teachings. But you are a human being and you are entitled to emotions – all of them. It doesn’t do any good to squelch emotions (you only end up with suppressed issues and negative energy).

It’s better to feel them, acknowledge them – but control your mental state so emotions don’t control your actions and thoughts. Focus your attention on the emotion itself, not the thoughts that generated it, and don’t take any action whatsoever. Ride the emotional wave and let it pass (it will pass within 90 seconds, according to neuroscientists). Then turn your thoughts to something more positive.

William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” You get to choose your emotional response to a situation – that is the key to emotional mastery.

Here’s a nice word game to enjoy with a friend may be:


Sometimes, you keep things to yourself, and you don’t even want to remember it, between you and yourself. Is this natural? Yes, it is. When we having weird situations, and we don’t want to remember them, or we don’t want to experience again the feelings of shame and humiliation, we try to bury them deep inside us.

But sometimes, when we are hurt really bad, it is hard to do so. When someone close to us, as my friend, John said:  “for example, hammer us with bullets, and leaving no chance for us to speak up our minds, it’s killing. Bullets can come to you from anyone, but it hurts the most, when this person is close to you, and you care for her/him/hx*.”

So what is a bullet? How is it made? A bullet can be some graphics we use it in writing, or it can be a gun bullet, to kill people with. Neither of them we are talking about. But if you are interested in knowing more about real bullets, go to our links, it has everything related to bullets, how it is made , and how it is used, what is inside it, and how it kills people. We are not giving you any secrets or anything like that. It is all online, for everyone to read. We live in free countries, aren’t we?!

Now, back to the bullets we are talking about here, and which means unpleasant words, or inappropriate words, which when are said to you. You feel as if someone is killing you, by using these words with you. Do you remember a song that said: “Killing me softly with his words?”, by  Roberta Flack. 

I used to like that song, but now I feel it’s quite sad. OMG! I was so young, but it had a nice memory with a friend, when we were trying to figure up the lyrics for that song, haha!

Anyway, when bullets are coming from your boss, and while your co-workers are present, it is also killing. But you’ve got to be prepared for bad bosses. Always be one step ahead of them, since they have evil intentions, and you are sure of that. Do not be frustrated when that happened, coz you expected it. On the contrary to his/her expectations, be calm, control your temper, and keep it down in your agenda. For more strategies, click here. 

Many times, you would think that quitting is the best way to clear up your head from that headache, but it’s not. Stand up for yourself, and pay back all the bullets that you got, in the right time.

Now, it’s our Q10  in our 100 Questions competition:

Who invented the paper money? Who invented the coin money?

I hope you are having a good meal with our post today, I like to have some pistachio or nuts while reading or writing, how about you, my 1Zumba friend, do you ever have time to cuddle yourself a little bit? !  I’ll  excuse myself briefly, for now, and give you some privacy with our 1Zumba…., and until we talk again, save all your hugs for me, love you ❤


*A third gender.

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