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Thank you dear readers from everywhere! You are just the best in everything! Of course from the US, France, the UK, Brazil, India, Spain, India, Spain, Nicaragua, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Philippines, Mexico, Switzerland, n South Korea 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, you wouldn’t imagine how I was longing to talk to you. Yes, I love to talk to you, and it means a lot  just to chat, a little bit here, n a little bit there, you know 😉

New Video Policy: I just want to assure you one important factor, we do not make any money from any video or interview we have with any of our members. This is a fact and this is our policy. Our intention has been always to share your experiences with all other people or members everywhere, and to open a new channel for your business, if you have any.

We want you to have fun, while learning new chunks of info that we can give you through our dialogues/interviews with others. Sharing your knowledge with us is our goal. Some people, when they see themselves in a video, they get surprised coz this is not how they think they are. This is not how they see themselves. When they hear their voices, see themselves, the way they speak, or the way they react in the video or the tape, they jump up to the conclusion: “this should have been edited, or canceled from the tape.”  Well, NO!  What is the point then?!

You are told before you have any interview with us, that nothing would be omitted from the tape, unless there is some kind of technical issue. In this case, we deal with it; many times we had situations, where we had to do something.  But when the recording is fine, we cannot omit any part of your answers to our questions. You had the choice not to answer any of them, and you made your choices, so please be adult enough, and like yourself the way you are.

We can’t change who you are, or the way you talk. We are happy with it, if you are not, it is your problem pal. Do you need to make changes to yourself?  Fine, do whatever you want to do and we can have a new interview with you. You are welcome any time.

Therefore, from now on, we have a new policy: instead of recording your interview with us, you do the job, and you send it to us ready to publish. We can provide you with the acceptable formats.* In this way, you would be happy about yourself, and whatever you want to share with our audience.

If you are thinking of being an instructor of 1Zumba , dancing, or  fitness classes, it is good for you to know that there is more to it. There are certain things you would need to know, not related to your ability of dancing, or your physical fitness.

It is very simple to be a fitness trainer or instructor; I’ve seen young people,  old ones, even challenged ones doing it. So why can’t you?  Just follow this link, and you would get your certificate in 3 simple steps. More  🙂  If it is your passion, good, go for it; but, if it’s a matter of an entertainment for you, I think it would be a bit difficult. Why? It’s just movements and dancing routines. Not really, it is more than that. 

Representing us?  Melida, 1Zumba friend asked us about the possibility of representing 1Zumba.com, I talked about this point before, I think, if you would like to represent 1Zumba.com in your state, or your country, you are welcome to do that.

If you want to print our certificate for people who are interested in becoming fitness trainers or coaches, or if  you want to supervise our 3 steps program, you are also welcome to do that.

Wherever you are, it is OK with us, just communicate with us your intentions, so no surprises would come up without our knowledge. You are not required to pay us anything, unless there is a certain business  model you are suggesting.

The fitness instructor is a teacher, or should be acting like a teacher at least. When you are a teacher, there is certain burdens that come with the job. You would become an example for all of your students. They would love you and idolize you in some cases. Some of them would go even further, to be obsessed with you, wanting nobody else to talk to you, or to deal with you when they are around. Wow! Yeh, it happens, and it is just sickness!

Not only that, many many other situations, you would find yourself involved in without having any intention on your part to have them in the first place. For example, the other day, my colleague, a decent teacher,  Vivian, after her class was done, she had some headache all of a sudden, and when that happened she was not in a mood to talk to anybody. So she withdrew herself from among her students, and went waiting for internal bus, to take her to her car. 

Did she do anything wrong? No, she did not. But what happened was that, some of her students the following day came to her office, complaining to her about not chatting with them after the class, and leaving right after she finished. She tried to explain her situation very nicely to that kid, but the student couldn’t understand that there were moments when your teacher was tired, or not in the mood to talk to anyone, busy minded with other issues s/he needed to solve or to do.

Why am I giving you this example? Because, many situations like this would happen to you when you become a fitness teacher, instructor, or trainer. So keep in mind it is not just dancing, it requires more. Being sociable, hospitable, and patient with others,  is essential part of the job. Socialization is absolute, with or without your approval. If you are disliked, people no longer attend your class. It’s that simple. And guess what? You no longer would have the job that you wanted to do in the first place.

So before you print your certificate, or before taking you CPR (by the way we have a certificate for CPR too) if you watched the Youtube video:

My neighbor’s friend,  Lydia, was upset the other day coz she was put in a very embarrassing situation, where she invited three of her friends to attend a class of 1Zumba, n then the manager of the gym insisted on having her friends presenting their IDs , which they didn’t carry, being all in one car. She tried her best to convince him to just waive that requirement, as he said, but it didn’t work, and the three of them went back home.  It was so ugly incident of course.  

I could swear to her that the same exact situation happened to me, with my friend, but the worse part of it, was that the manager, I considered him a friend. Therefore, it was hard for me to complain; I didn’t want to harm him, and I didn’t understand exactly why he was so rigid in the way he handled that situation. My friend, on the other hand, looked unhappy, but as my son told me: “your intention was clearly having them, to have a good time all together, but it didn’t go the way it was supposed to, not because of you, it was not your fault at all!”

Well, let’s have a good time, and forget all about these unpleasant incidents. Life is full of many unexpected things. Let’s just embrace it all, the way it is; who knows probably, there was good there, but we couldn’t see it 😉

Until we talk again, be happy, and love each other. Probably I would get you a game in a little bit, after having this long 1Zumba fitness class, haha! So take it easy, no crazy fitness n no crazy fit. Enjoy your life, and save your hugs and kisses for me ❤

* The formats for the videos accepted are: .mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4), .mov (QuickTime), .wmv (Windows Media Video), .avi, .mpg, .ogv (Ogg), .3gp (3GPP), .3g2 (3GPP2)


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