Fast Restrooms!

You have a mission in this life that you might never knew it! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers readers bloggers and all from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Italy,  India, Australia,  Tunisia, Cameroon, Mexico, Paraguay, New Zealand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, China, Benin, Croatia, and Greece! 😉

May be you’ve seen it happening yourself or may be someone else told you about it.

Cambridge to open city's first freestanding outdoor public toilet ...What is it?

It’s restrooms. In many of the stores which are open to provide service to the public, you’d find a sign that was put on the doors of the restrooms saying “Out of Service”.

Many of our students and friends reported that and it was verified by a number of our team helpers. Worst scenario is that if they were really concerned of virus spread, as they claimed in some areas, the opposite should be done: more water and more restrooms access.SophieChannel

Rest RYou would be astonished that while the CoronaVirus procedures stressed the importance of cleanliness and washing hands, you wouldn’t be able to access a restroom when you go to CVS, Walgreens, FoodMaxx, Food Outlets, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, and many others.

The excuse behind that was in some of them that there was no toilet paper or soap, while they have these products on shelves. 🙄 Therefore, the truth is that they were saving labor expenditure while it was needed the most.

“By law, each store should provide a restroom for their customers, where’s that law?”, Sarah screamed while very upset.

Who is supposed to make sure that these stores abide by the fair rules to customers and consumers?

If you heard the public voice in CA asking this question, do not be surprised coz this is the case in most cities in the Bay Area right now~

Until we chat again, do your homework and raise your voice, it’s your life you have all the right to enjoy it with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel


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