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What kind of influence the TV shows have on public opinion?

“Wooh!”, “Huge!”, “Tremendous!”, ” Limitless!”, and other students’ responses which all agree on the gigantism of its size.
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B: “Who are these producers whose only focus in TV suspense shows goes only towards either the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, or others?”

D: “Don’t they have enough ideas in the terror that is being used inside the more than 50 US States?

In reality there is more action and manipulation internally than focusing on the outer fiction world fake stories that provoke feeling against other poor people.”

G: “Look at the gangs in Southern states and all forms of drugs and smuggling. It’s a wide source for new stories every single day. Producers should get their materials from inside the states.”

F: “Not only Southern States. Actually North or East or West States have a lot of terror stories since they like it that much. It is not funny any more to watch your youth going to foreign countries invading other peoples privacy and space pretending to protect them against their regime while we ourselves have gaps in our own.”

C: “There is a sort of enticement goes long way with these kinds of shows which concentrate on other countries rather than on your own lovely states.”TV Shows

15% off New Zealand Car Rental DealsB: “Of course you noticed that turning your TV channels of your cable. Whether it’s NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY-Miami-Vegas, CSI Cyber, Bones, Etc..”

L: “You got the point. You’d feel they are all repetition to the same ideas of having terrorism sources in certain area of the world and that it is the US duty to stand alone in that fight against imaginative enemies. It’s basically a promotion for fake ideas against other people and other cultures.”

D: “Do you see how harmful this is for humanity? They are turning people against people. And who is the winner? Guess who?

The war contractors.”10% off USA E2 Car Rental DealsF: “Then why can’t you be faithful to your people and cut down that ‘bs’ from your continuous shows which do brain-washing to your kids?”

G: :Why don’t you be smart enough to realize the damage that occur in your societies and communities? Why don’t you take a step towards a real protection for your coming generations? Why don’t you set the rules of love, respect, peace, and unity???”

If you see it, if it makes sense to you the way it did to these smart kids, talk about it offering solutions such as “Boycott this kind of TV-shows that promote poisonous ideas in your community. Spread the words of peace, love, unity, and respect. It will come back to you eventually.

BerrylookUntil we chat again, may be next time about a cheerful topic, do the right thing the way you see it, and share your opinions with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel

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