It’s a Ship!

Up to you to enjoy it and make the best out of, just remember, it’s a ship! 😉 Hello and welcome dearest friends from the US, Germany, Turkey, Australia,  Switzerland, Canada, and Puerto Rico! 😉

Busy day? Yep! Holidays‘re approaching very quickly and you didn’t get your family presents yet. Oh! Isn’t it the hardest part of the holidays, to buy presents? The easiest solution is to buy a gift card and that’s it.

My son said: “No, Mom! It’s cheap and easy way to get out of your duties.” “What?”, I answered, “I do it out of love. It’s not an obligation to buy gifts for anyone.” 

And it is true, you don’t have to buy anything for anyone unless you like to do that out of care, love, motivation, out of a nice feeling you have towards a person who deserves some joy and happiness in life.
GeekstoreQatar AirwaysSometimes your post is refreshing for a previous info, other times, it’s a slap on the face with a new unknown tech that has just arrived to the market. And this is how your life is: it’s a ship that goes up and down in a huge unknown sea, going up and down all the time, never stop moving.


Waves keep pushing your ship , sometimes you reach a shore, sometimes not, it all depends. When the waves got higher, you’d be doing everything you could to get above the water and  keep floating. But damage is expected from time to time.GeekstoreAfter all the ship wouldn’t be floating forever, there will be a time when it stopped for a break or stopped forever. When you heard about the death of that previous president, you felt what? Huh? The US ex-president. Well, you probably felt nothing. Nothing wrong in that. Or may be  you felt a bit sorry, a life was taken.

The point is you are reminded of death. You’re reminded that a ship has to sink down into the sea by the end. There’s no other way out. You are  the ship, and when the ship stops or goes down, it’s your end.Coltorti BoutiqueNo matter who you are no matter where you live no matter anything. This is your destiny. You may tell yourself: “then I don’t have to fight over a land, over a home, over a car, over anything, right?!”

Yes, that is true, but that is only if you remembered/ or reminded of death.Geekstore Christmas JumpersUntil we talk again, you stay where you are n expand on what you have, enjoying our unique topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤Foreo International

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