Prayer & Shy!

As hard as it is, a prayer would let go! 😉 Welcome back to your pages friends and readers from the US, Cambodia, Malaysia, France, and Belgium! 😉

Two days ago we talked about comments  and some of the reasons that tied the hands and the brains of people having them not to engage or participate any more in commenting on any subject-matter.Geekstore

Cashmere in LoveBeing shy was among those reasons, but before we open this door, let me ask you all for a prayer for people who live in California facing death by explosive fires that have been going on for the last two days, which is devastating for many families, where a number of cities were completely evacuated in Northern CA as well as in the area of the LA and Malibu.

No matter what your faith is, it doesn’t matter, just give a prayer for your Creator asking for saving the souls of human beings who are entrapped by the fires everywhere. There has been many deaths for groups inside their vehicles while they were trying to escape being burned alive by fire.

The  surrounding areas have a grey yellowish skies polluting the air for other people everywhere in those suburbs and cities, which expose many children, seniors, and disabled to the danger of being suffocated of the highly polluted air.

Now back to being shy and how that can prevent you from giving your opinion to others, J. Moran said:

 “Shyness is often seen as just a shrinking away from the crowd, a retreat from social life. But it also involves redirecting our social instincts into other areas, like writing. We write partly because we feel that other kinds of dialogue have failed,….” 

SeaBear Chowder & SoupsAvery argued that it might be true that some writers were shy and they succeeded, but when they wrote they didn’t necessarily comment on someone else’s post, or were open to public; in a way their shyness held them back from the open writing or blogging or commenting, although still it could be true that being unseen or having no face-to face speech, that in itself could be encouraging to the shy person. Anyway, every rule has some exceptions, but for sure a shy person may hesitate to give an opinion or comment on your writing.Qatar Airways

Until we talk again, enjoy our rainbow of topics, get your inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤ Worthy SOULCashmere in Love


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