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Feeling insecure can happen for anyone, but when you feel insecure all the time, this is abnormal.You’ll be baffled to know that if you dealt with the reasons behind your insecurity, you’d be back again to your normal response.

One of the reasons you would be shut down and not wanting to comment or to engage in a conversation is that you feel insecure. Many of you just let go without talking about it.

You might choose to shut down instead of participating with your comments coz your insecurity would tell you: “Your friends didn’t like what you wrote before; they laughed at what you wrote and they kept making fun of your words.”

“Nonsense! Your friends shouldn’t be judging you,” Sarah said, “The real good friends are the encouraging ones.”

You’ll be surprised for the number of reasons that could be behind feeling insecure:

Bad Experience

. A trauma being exposed to that its memory interferes with everything you do.

. Your bad grades at school make you feel lesser than others and consequently what you would say would be lesser too.

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Social Concerns

. Being told that you have a big mouth and/or you always put your nose where it doesn’t belong.

. Scolding you whenever you try to participate in a conversation.

Cashmere in Love. A bad rumor about you was spread in your middle school, so everyone knew about it, which make you uncomfortable dealing with others.

. Being criticized a lot of others made you lose your self-confidence. Rose suggested that when you hear phrases such as: “You talk too much, your talk doesn’t make any sense, you’re always a failure, etc..” you start acting the way they were told to you, and you shut down.

. Being perfectionist could make you feel insecure coz it may make you scared of mistakes that you might make while giving your comments.

Dr. Boyd Carlos said that the solution is in your hands. You need to know why you act in a passive manner, and once you know the reason, you’d be able to reverse all the bad notions that can come to your mind when you want to engage in any activity.


Until we chat again, just keep swinging with our topics, get your pure inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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