Lonely Table!

Snakes should never be trusted or forgiven! 😉 What can we say except welcome back dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Portugal, and Germany! 😉

SophieLonelyTableDid you watch any  recent  movies? Coz we didn’t. The year has been going fast, and here we go again one more Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year. 

Can you imagine this? A whole year of your life on Earth has been going as quickly as wind. Don’t panic, it’s all good.
A question to answer: Why does a person feel lonely although she lives with her roommates?

Last year, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared that “the world is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness.”

Kathleen, a counselor, said: “I often challenge my clients to go back to their family and consider how their immediate and extended families are a resource to them. When people start writing letters to a grandparent or setting up a weekly phone call with a sibling, it can have a huge impact on their overall mood.

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Jim, a family therapist, on the other hand suggested: “I encourage people to pursue interests, not people. Get involved in a personal interest and that can put you in touch with like-minded people. Create a meetup.com account, take a continuing education class at your local university or community college, become a volunteer. This often feels much less intimidating than feeling you have to go out and meet new people.

Do you remember that song which starts with “Lonely table just for one…… 😮 ?

Until we chat again, enjoy your pure inspiration, keep digging, with our hugs and Kisses ❤


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