People’s Face!

Be smart and never alienate people! 😉 Welcome back dearest ones everywhere! 😉

All differences in opinions should be respected and discussed and whatever the real majority wish for should be taking place. We should hear reporters asking people what they want instead of arresting them and intimidating them with all kinds of war tools. Good Media, show us the people’s demands, show us the real People’s Face!

Hard to say and hard to feel how these people are standing out there under the rain or the storm or the heat; wherever they are, people needs protection. They need to be heard, to be appreciated for their participation and sharing their opinion, to be respected, and for their rights to be sustained and honored. They never ask for too much. They accept the trillion dollars bills that are signed by the House in a complete submission, what else do you need from them? It is your duty to listen to what they want and what they wish to happen. It is their home, their constitution, and their lives.  Show some respect and be honored to represent these people, and be humble and leave your spot if they do not want you there. Have a bit of self-respect.

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