A Butterfly Talk, 1Zumba!

The US, Belgium, Netherlands, Latvia, Colombia, S. Korea, Brazil, Portugal, Vietnam, n Australia, welcome to our page 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, do you know that keeping your position on the top, is harder than getting there? I guess you know it, and that is why you’re doing what you’re doing 😉

Elsa came to me saying: “Once someone told me that I was like a butterfly, I thought he was talking about colors, coz the butterflies have a lot of beautiful colors. I thought that he was Image result for she is like a butterflycomplimenting the outfit iIwas wearing on that day.

Only today, going back to that conversation, I thought “Wow! He might have meant something else, and not the way I analyzed it, but that person is no longer there to ask him what he meant. 😆

I replied, coz the way she was looking at me, suggested that she was expecting a comment or a response from me: “Probably you should have asked “How’s that? with  a smile”, to be more clear about what he means.

Image result for she is like a butterflyWhen others comment on a trait you have or anything else, it doesn’t matter whether it is a compliment or not, but it is one way to know how people think of you. 😀

Therefore, you can use that in  the future, when you’re planning for communicating with them. The way people perceive you is important, in a way, and it affects your success, especially if you are a businesswoman/man.

Our question no. 86 gives us this:


Reaching at the end of our session, I must say, we will talk some more soon. Until then, think of me, & remember the butterfly talk, 1Zumba 😉


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