Nobody else can see what you see and that is the beauty of it! 😉 Thank you for being here dearest readers writers friends and all; especially, from the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the UK! 😉

Some questions are hard to answer, and if was answered, it could be seen differently by each respondent depending on its viewpoint  .

For example, I heard this question yesterday given by a very handsome charismatic host in a talk show online: “Why people are fascinated by murderers and watch all those documentaries about them?”

Sam thinks that No. 1 reason has  always been the excitement element. Do you MurderersDocmagree?

May be yes, if there’s nothing else you would do to feel thrilled 🙄

It is said that when it comes to the prevalent reason for anyone to watch anything, excitement is always brought up. Excitement is No.1

No. 2 Entertainment
No. 3 You have nothing else to do killing time
No. 4 You’re bored or depressed suffering from some mental issues
No. 5 Joining a group just to belong there
No. 6   may be it was recommended for you
No. 7  You are junkie   More

Some logical explanation regarding evolvement of trends or tastes in the show appeal for audiences.

There is more than that. There’re plenty of reasons, and I guess that the host didn’t mean to ask the question itself, it might have been rather a question of saying “What’s wrong with you people?”

Until we chat again, your preference for your TV genre is something that can be decided by many factors in your own life, with our hugs and kisses

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