Your Crossword & Technology!

Just so cunning and goofy, stay away from’m. Get your map ready! 😉 Dear friends, greetings from Berkeley for everyone who keeps coming back to our pages, from the US, India, the UK, Bangladesh, Brazil, Laos, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, El Salvador, Ukraine, Kenya, and Vietnam 😉

Can you imagine this? In class, a number of undergraduate students were incapable of  making a crossword puzzle out of nine words. It was one of the exercises provided for students in their workbook to refresh their creativity and thinking.

It gave them nine words which were: employ, mass, communication, global, village, multinational, world, and technology.

Then it asked each one to make up his/her own crossword puzzle and any type of crossword types were acceptable.

The time initially was 20 minutes during which you are supposed to just put the nine words in any direction you like: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You are supposed to provide a key for your puzzle so that if it was given to another person to solve, there should be a key to know the right answers. Also, you are asked to give clues for each number you’d choose for your word.

The class continued in that project for 30 minutes instead of 20 and unfortunately most of the students didn’t complete their project, some of them gave excuses that it was so difficult for them to do, or that the time was not enough, or that they never tried to create a crossword before, etc..

Brian, Miguel, and Fuller were the only three ones who were able to create that puzzle, in a way, but the rest were incomplete, which brought the whole class into a controversy about technology. One student said that there was no longer anyone who did that type of writing (referring to the crosswords). Another one added: “all crosswords depend on software now so it would be more accurate and more efficient.”SophieClassCrsWrd

When I asked  how’s that and who said that the software could be more efficient than human beings? He answered it’s artificial intelligence who said that.

Adversely Lori questioned what he claimed asking: “And who invented computers or artificial intelligence?” He opened his mouth and didn’t answer!

What do you think? Was it a human-being or not?! 😆

Until we chat again, always remember that in our world “Earth”, human-beings were capable of doing miracles. Keep stirring your topics to get to a miracle yourself with our hugs and kisses

. Never underestimate your mind’s abilities.
. Keep refreshing your mind for emergencies with no computers.

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