Hello and welcome our dear readers everywhere. Thanks for visiting us today, and every day; appreciating our new guests from the US, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Australia, n Mexico 😉

Always feeling lucky  being able to speak to all of you and to share experiences with you. 

Many dreams I have, and I wish I can fulfill some of them, and may be some of you would share my interests and accomplish some more. Oh! How wonderful that would be!SophieChannel

How are you today, my dear 1Zumba friend? Monday is fast, I know. Sooner than you can imagine, the next weekend would be here. It can come in a blink of eye, and when you turn back to see to where it went, you wouldn’t find it. It just disappears forever. We can’t catch the past, we can only speak about it. There is no spot that we know of where we can find the past and check up on things that we wish to allocate there. What is past is past, this is the rule! 😉

Why am I saying this? 🙄

Coz of history, when I read about great people who lived in the past and suffered while they were alive, and left that world without knowing that anyone would appreciate their talents & works later on, it feels sad and annoying. At least to me, I don’t know about everybody else.$1SophieChannel

Izabella, 1Zumba friend,  probably to focus on the future would be much better for you. It doesn’t matter what you did, or what happened. Of course living a dilemma is not easy, this is not what I’m saying. I completely understand where you’re coming from, but the truth is nobody cares. Everyone is so busy with their own lives, coz the speed of life has become faster than before, with everything around us speeding up. The more faster, the more better, that is how people see it now. 😯

There are incidents or accidents in life, which would leave traces in your behavior, and attitude towards similar issues,  your reaction to things that you experienced its results before. For example, if you were staying on the top of your building, supposedly the 12th floor, and there was a fire alarm that alerted all tenants to go downstairs. The shock you would get the first time  not like the 2nd time, not like the 3rd time, even if it was in the same building.

When you change your place, the chances are higher that you’d live on a ground floor house, haha! 😆SophieChannelI hope you got my joke and my answer to your issue, Izabella. I am certain that the more you get yourself busy with work, training, physical exercise, & 1Zumba engagement, you would be getting better and better everyday. Good Luck.

You would find me talking about money in many of our posts, coz, in addition to the fact that money is important, but what is more important is that too many people are more concerned about earning money than anything else. So many questions we receive asking about resources of making money, or work suggestions, etc…

Here’s what I believe: if you want to work, you will. If you are serious about making money, you will. I hear you! It’s not that simple. No, it’s not. But there is always a starting point. I mean you don’t have to make a million the first job you’re landed on, but it would be the seed for something bigger. After you start work, and taste what work means, get yourself a good plan, only if you were serious about making a good money.


So our new very important news about money, is that your smart phone very soon will replace all your bank cards. So you no longer need to carry your card all the time, on you, or to get worried about getting it stolen, or lost for any reason. More

Another new invention, which would be everywhere soon, or is it already everywhere, the Blu wearable smart phone. I’ll have 1Zumba engraved on it, haha 😉

Oh, take a look here.

Love you all guys, here’s my hugs and kisses, and util we talk some more, be cool, and be good to each other $1SophieChannel

. Money
. Wearable


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