Cheer up! Keep it all under your hat for the right moment! It’s a new day! 😉 Thank you for being here wonderful friends from everywhere; especially the US, Russia, the UK, Italy, India, Kenya, Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine, and Vietnam! 😉

You are blessed of having one more day of life. What are you gonna do then? Do you have a plan?

Well, for us here, it’s a Sunday, it’s a holiday so the best thing to do is to have breakfast and then to head for a walk.

But the truth is that I wanted to chat with you before going to a walk coz probably my walk would be followed by running errands for the week. May be you and I can have a light short talk for now.

Linda has just sent me an email that made me smile. Look at this:

Image result for silly hats

Image result for silly hats


Image result for silly hats

It’s quite a collection of silly hats

It brings a smile to your face. When you think about it, and why people would do that. The only sensible reason that could be acceptable is that it creates some kind of happiness, fun, or cheerfulness, which you miss a lot nowadays.

Related image

So funny! But seeing some smiles sometimes initiate a smile on your face too.

Take it easy. Enjoy your day. Find something that would give you gleefulness.

It’s a great sunny day here today. You have no idea how sun is so important for you and I. Oh! I mean for you and everyone else.

Until we chat again, you know what to do, get to your source of inspiration right away, send comments and questions to get to the bottom of the treasure, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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