Bluff [3]

Hellooooooooooooooo  eveyone! It’s a longer hello than the usual, I know, but it’s all about bluffing, remember! Welcome gorgeous people from the US, the UK, India, Poland, Pakistan, Germany, Romania, Philippines, Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, n South Africa 😉

According to the Widipedia, bluffing in poker, is  a bet or raise made with a hand which is not thought to be the best hand. To bluff is to make such a bet. The objective of a bluff is to induce a fold by at least one opponent who holds a better hand. Image result for bluff in businessThe size and frequency of a bluff determines its profitability to the bluffer.

For most, you’ve already known that, if you have a bit of knowledge about card games. Anyway, this is not important now. Let’s first continue our chatting from where we Image result for what should I dostopped yesterday, about what happened with that queer guy, who came to me from the nowhere.

May be at that moment, I had no control whatsoever on my thinking, it was a combination of “what should I do what should I should do?” asking myself continuously. Perhaps asking this question made it even strenuous to get to know what the right reaction I should make was.

I do not know why I was scared in the first place, what made me in such a state of Image result for late afternoon the building is emptyconfusion, fear, isolation, as if there was nobody else around me in the whole world. Oh! Yeh, it was that late afternoon,  on a Friday taking us to the weekend, when most co-workers were gone by that time.

Astonishing enough, the things that kept coming to my mind, at those instants, were all like the moments  of fear of death, and that what made my heart trembled. Nonetheless instead of thinking of what to do, and listen to that question in my mind that kept repeating itself (what should I do what should I do), I found myself trying to retrieve out of my old memory’s storage, how I reacted when I was in those situations of fear, and how I got saved or how I survived them.

The first one was that time when I was in the middle of an extremely wide river, with three other people, I was young, and danger didn’t mean anything for me at that time. Image result for sailing boat one mastWe were in a small sailboat with a mast and main sail part.

We sailed from the beach, assuming that  my boyfriend was able to handle that boat, coz when we were offered to have a guide with us, he said he could handle that sailing boat. 😛

Two other girlfriends were with us. We were warned not to go into the deep sea, away from the shores, because we could be headed to a point where the sea meet with the river, and it was a hard to get back from that point , but again my boyfriend laughing claimed that he was the man for that job, assuring no worries.

We were talking and enjoying the breeze, but the boat kept going in certain direction, without any control on our part. There was a point when the river met with the sea and Related imagebecause we got very far away from the sea, we were going towards that wide point where we could no longer see a shore or a land, it was literally water everywhere around us.

The river’s water is hard to swim in not like the sea. The only one who could swim was my boyfriend nobody else was able to swim, if something went wrong with that small boat we were all dead.

The boat started tilting, and my girl Sab started taking pictures with her camera, Mida was screaming in extreme panic, and my boyfriend was trying to clam down everyone . As for how I reacted, it was unbelievably strange; I got into a deep hilarious laughing.

Then, we should continue in few moments, here’s my hugs & kisses ❤

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