Bluff [2]

Lalalalah!  Awesome friends from everywhere, welcome!  Yes, I’m getting to what you want to hear.

From the US, India, Canada, Hong Kong SAR China, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Italy, n Brazil, our special friends, you’re always welcome 😉Image result for body language when you're lying

While some magazines and books praise bluffing, and declaring it as an art; our Harvard School questions its ethicality.  Our logic says that it’s a form of lying. It’s not Image result for body language when you're lyingdirect lying though, coz you’re not saying a lie, but you pretend to have something that you don’t have.

Now bluffing has been called an art, so it became one. Why not to turn it to a science? Con artists can live in luxury, and their fortunes are legitimate. Why don’t we encourage everyone to bluff and take bluffing courses? 🙄

Oh! He came to me saying: “I know that you were going to do this to me”. I said: “What?” He shakes his head: “I was always concerned that once you’d know about it, nothing would hold you from telling the truth to everyone.” Looking at him in a Image result for body language when you're lyingsurprise: “What are you talking about?”

He turned towards the wall, and knocked his head to the wall: “Do not play this game with me please.” I turned my face right and left, trying to make sure that he was talking to me, saying: “Do you know me? Are you talking to me?”

He seemed to be a decent guy, all dressed up as if he was going to court, and his tie was very expensive, as I recognized it, from a magazine, but I was totally lost in what he was referring to in a tone of blame.  

He turned around in an angry mood, as if it was a movie’s act, and, before he said anything else, I started taking backward steps while facing him, to get to the door. I thought he could be mentally unbalanced, or he was mistaken me for someone else.

My heart started pounding, and fear entered my whole body. I had my small security Image result for body language when you're lyingdevice but it was in my purse, and the purse was in my desk in my office, and the only thing I should do was to run, or scream, but I couldn’t do neither. I started even losing my voice.

Suddenly, I remembered something very weird, and I thought I should give it a try.

With my hugs & kisses, until I tell you what happened next ❤                       

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