Make-Up Stratagem!

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our page today. We hope that you’d find what you’re looking for, through our words. Welcome our guests from the US, Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vietnam, Germany, South Korea, & Philippines 😉

It has been a long fun day, my 1Zumba friend, and all in all, the maximum achievement is reached. It’s a good sign 😉

Holly, 1Zumba friend, I can Image result for people changetell you one thing: people change. Now than ever, people change and it could be in a moment. It’s just life, and how it is now, so try to accept that and deal with it.

Amanda, thank you for your warm compliment, I’m enchanted by your words. I highly appreciate your active participation, and I’m looking forward for more feedback. It’s really great to hear the voice of my readers. Thank you again. 😳

Dear friends, what do you do when someone forgot your name? Or pretend to forget it? Smith E., 1Zumba friend, asked us this question. I would say, some people are not good at all with names, so do not expect that everyone you meet would remember your name.

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In addition, with all kinds of technology we live with nowadays, it makes our memories accumulate with thousands of names. So be merciful with your brain computer, as well as with others. 🙄

My neighbor showed me yesterday some make-up tricks, and the best one of them was how to use the glittery make up when you’re invited to a party.

In the meantime,  here’s a video on how to avoid the wrong make-up combination, because what suits others, could look unacceptable on you. So be careful when you use your make-up or the new trends of make-up.

Here we go again, and we reach a point where we need a short break, then come back to you with more chat, and more fun.

I miss you all guys, keep catching up with all what you missed, there is always a word that would make you happier than anyone  else. Just look for it with our hugs and kisses 


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