May Be Later, 1Zumba!

Dear friends and readers, thank you for coming to our words today. We are delighted to have you with us, particularly people from the US, Argentina, Canada, & Croatia 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, what do you do, when someone knocks at your door in the morning saying, we need to check on something in your roof?!

So weird, right?

Image result for a salesman talking to a woman at her home door

  • What do you mean, you want to check on something on my roof?
  • It’s not a movie or a show, it’s real. Something has landed on your roof, yesterday 3:00 am, and we would like to have your permission,  to check on that object.!!!
  • Why does it have to be today? I have a plan for today. I have to get ready and go out and look for few properties, or projects, I intend to do bla bla bla 💡
  • Sorry I can’t do this today.

“But we are from NASA. It’s a very reputable body, and our good reputation makes us capable of Image result for a man pointing at the roofgetting a city permit to get into your roof, coz this is for the best interest of the people of America.” The guy goes on & on, non-stop convincing methods, to persuade me to allow him to get into my roof.

I haven’t seen what they were talking about, to know exactly what is the big story about what landed on my roof, and frankly speaking, I don’t care. All I want is to get may-be-laterready and go to work. 😡

It’s absurd, to be forced to let someone into your premises, just for the sake of doing some research, all of a sudden, without even a notice, or asking your opinion, about what they intend to do.

When you’re trying to focus on your life, and things just come up from the nowhere, it’s really irritating, and I have to stop that from happening.

I have a life that needs to go on in harmony with all other things  surrounding it. That is at least what I hope for, so “may be later”.

Thank you for being with us today. Give me your giant hug, coz I need it dear, 1Zumba friend ❤

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