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What will happen if the Congress was dissolved?  A legitimate question that was brought up by one of our students who was politically following the joke of “Should you build the wall or not to build?” similar to “Should you open the window or not to open the window!?” Steve is digging down to find the answer for you.IGXO CosmeticsQatar AirwaysHere’s a special or very special book. And yes, it is for children.  Oh! I think this book will be in our next post not this one, coz we gave a brief about it before.

You’ve got to keep moving on and visiting places like these amazingly strange yet unique types of architect. 

This building’s picture is shared with you by Karl, who is from Darmstadt, Germany.

The Waldspirale (or forest spiral in English) is not just another random residential building. This architectural wonder designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser  is located in Darmstadt in Germany and it was built at the end of 1990s.Coltorti Boutique

The specific U-shape of the building is characterized by unique multi colored facade and lack of straight lines. Interestingly, not one out of 1000 windows is the same and the handles on the doors are also different. The inner wall corners are also rounded to match the outer ones. The building has 105 apartments, a garage and a playground for children with tiny artificial lake.

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