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I liked the idea, do you like it too?Before you say yes or no, first read what was written about it on coz it’s not a roller coaster or a toy from Disneyland. It’s a representation for something else.

 Here’s what is written about it on

An art installation in Duisburg, Germany

Artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth debuted this public, interactive artwork in November, 2011, and it quickly attracted global attention. ‘Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain’ is the main attraction of a park in Duisburg, Germany. At a glance, or from a distance, it appears to be a roller coaster. But it’s actually a walkable staircase that offers amazing views of the Rhine and the city. At night, the handrails are lit up, making the installation accessible any time of day. (The loop is closed off, because gravity does not discriminate.)SeaBear Smokehouse

The ‘tiger and turtle’ part of the name reflects the inspiration for Mutter and Genth’s creation – the ‘speed and deadlock’ of changes coming to the Ruhr region of Germany. The traditional, slower pace of life (say, taking the stairs) butting up against the speed of modern technology (the thrill of the roller coaster). It’s an intentionally absurd attraction that may make you think, but also offers a bit of fun.

Creativity is wonderful, but Alma disagree with the correlation assumed comparing life in general, not necessarily that region in Germany, with the folds of your real life.Geekstore

However, Ryan commented on what she said: “Everything in your life is relative. Your assessment for things, people, or actions around you are completely different from others, and that is why you disagree.”

Well! Nice intelligent discussion!

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