Getting a Raise, 1Zumba?

“Sharing is caring” or “Caring is sharing” is a logo for some new service. Not really, I’m just kidding, but it makes sense.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our page, with our special thanks to our readers from the US, Malta, S. Korea, n Malaysia 😉

Today, we have your competition question no. 84, and a new innovation in our world, and a suggestion made by one of our members.

Here’s our competition’s question no. 84:


Our second part about a new invention, which is an earpiece that will pick up what the person you’re talking to says and translate it into any language you desire. That way, you can listen to a French speaker on the podium without having to learn a word of the language – just put this thing on and have it translate everything into your native tongue.

Each Pilot pilot-translating-earphones-3earpiece works with an accompanying app, which actually handles all the translation, so as long as you keep it paired the entire time, anything you hear with enough clarity can be repeated in your own language.

It can work without an internet connection, so you can use it anywhere, whether you’re talking with foreign speakers at work, traveling to a European country, or trying to hit on a French girl at the hotel. You only need to keep one earpiece on for the language translation, although it comes in pairs, since they also double as wireless music earphones.

The last part is a suggestion made by a friend about the way you should ask for a raise. Here’s what he said:

“The way I did it was just by pointing out the additional value I was delivering to the company, compared to the job description I was initially hired for. Ask yourself: what has changed since your last raise? Have you taken on extra responsibilities (or are you going to)? Have you delivered a lot more value than what was expected considering your job description?

Image result for talking to your bossIn my case, I started out as a customer service rep in a small startup, but within a year I was managing the company’s website, creating and managing marketing strategies and making the company thousands of euros every month.

That’s when I had a conversation with my boss, telling him: “I want you to know that I love working for you. I absolutely enjoy all the freedom you give me to discover and develop new skills. But I think my job has evolved way beyond the limits of what a normal service rep does. I’d like to sit down with you and renegotiate the scope of my job, so I can offer even more value to you. Is that okay?”

Let’s talk some more, in few moments. Until then, here’s my hugs & kisses ❤

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