Alice- Guilherme Interview

Dear friends and readers, welcome to our pages. Our best wishes to the US friends & new readers 😉

Today, we present to you a new interview that was conducted by Guilherme, as a host, and Alice as a guest.

I think you’d enjoy all the questions and answers that took place between both of them. We hope to hear from you, whether a question or a comment. 

1 Tell us about you:

My name is Eloah Alice, I’m 16 years old and I love to dance.

2 Which job did you will choose to your future?

I want to be a fitness professional.

3 What is the biggest challenge that you have passed in your life?

Well, I think that I’m too young and because of this my challenges are just beginning.

4 Tell us some funny situation that happen with you.

It was when I fall on the floor while I was dancing and I completely lost myself… LOL

5 What’s your best childhood memory?

My best childhood memory it was when I play games with my friends at our neighborhood.

6 Leave a message for our readers and friend.

The only message that I want to leave its: Believe, work hard and everything will come at the right time!


That was Guilherme’s interview with Alice. 

They are both dear 1ZumbaCircles members, as well as

After this great job for both of them, we congratulate them for sharing all these fun questions and replies. If you have more for any of them, pls go to 1ZumbaCircles Group on FB, and post your questions.

Until we meet again, pls accept our best wishes for all of you. ❤




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