Meet Pepper, 1Zumba!

Welcome to our site today, and everyday! We are here for you! Contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, and sharing.

Thank you friends and readers from the US, Tunisia, Australia, & Germany 😉

This post is going to be relatively brief, since it will introduce to you only one new item. Nobody else has this new thing, except us.

Probably, someone else would have something similar, if they were into the exact place I was at; however, it would not be identical angle.


Thank you guys for being here, and I wish that you’d find it entertaining, as well as inspiring, as it was for me.

If you remember one of our articles last year, talked about having a robot to hug kids or dance with them, especially in holidays, when they don’t have families. Even adults would need some robot to give them a hug, don’t they?

Hugs hugs & kisses for all of you. Send your comments, and we will reply ASAP.

But for now, just meet Pepper ❤


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