Happy San Francisco, 1Zumba!

Great! Great being here with all of you, guys! Welcome to our words, and I hope that you’d find the one word, which will open a prosperous world for you.

Big thanks to our friends in the US, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ireland, China, & Spain 😉

1Zumba friend, really? Is this what happened in the gym? I can’t believe it. An instructor brought someone else to his class to sub for him, so he could go get some coffee? Wow! Is he a coffee addict or what? Sorry to hear that. It’s an issue, but not that big, haha 😀

I expected to have an interview ready for publishing, but it seemed that there was still more editing to be done.


Maggy suggested to share her San Francisco visit, and as usual, we encourage sharing a lot, especially when it comes to a place like SF when it’s all decorated and getting ready for Christmas time.


Absolutely, I said “Yes”. Let’s see the pictures then. 😛



Here we reach our end of this post, but we always have more to say. Probably next time, we can bring to you a new invention, or a new idea. Watch out for our next publishing then! 🙄


Enjoy this happy San Francisco feel, with our kisses & hugs ❤


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