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Hello everyone!

Love to talk to you again today guys. Thanks for our new readers and friends from the USthe Philippines, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Brazil, n Australia 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, I will answer your two issues we talked about tomorrow, coz I need to have a special search for you 😉 To be sure that my replies are the most accurate ones.

Sally and Durant, you are welcome to join us, to follow us, to receive emails from us, n to comment on every single topic of ours if you wish to. We are honored to have you on board. Pls feel free to ask me any question any time, we are here for you  all. Always remember that. It is our enjoyment to communicate with you, to look for answers for you, and to have fun chatting, playing word games, or probably solving a puzzle, or probably listening to some music, having a drink while reading the latest news in our world 😉

bs1What is going on? What’s happening here?  I can see this or that thing all the time, n when I really need it, I can’t find it, Why? Do not get panicked. Some people just have too many things in their minds, probably you are one of them. Busy minds cannot see well.

As we agreed before, there is always a solution, you just need to look in the right direction. That is all what it takes.

1- Writing is one effective method of emptying your mind.
2- Imagine that you have a basket, and put all the extra thoughts you have in that basket.
3- Tell yourself that you’ll postpone thinking of these matters  for the weekend.
4- Set a rule for yourself that once you get into bed, no thinking except of sleep.
5- Read something in bed, listen to some light jazz piano.

abMartin, I can’t answer this question, you can ask Alec Baldwin this question yourself, or probably, we could ask him for an interview, and present your question among other from other fans too. Personally, I’m a huge fan. He’s my friend, I can’t miss any of his movies or episodes 🙂 The Shadow is still my favorite one, haha!

Here’s eight ways to clear your mind from a stress. Read more.  There are plenty of ways to vent out all the negative stresses inside of you. It is good to release all these unpleasant emotions, and get rid of them, the sooner the better, to regain your fresh energy and vitality.

“I have a piano key, and I keep with me since I was a child. I no more have the piano, but I still can’t get rid of the key,  do I need a help?” Wendy asked that question. Frankly speaking, I have no clue about what is going on with that key, but there must be a good reason deep inside of you, that makes you keep it for years as you mentioned in your message 😕

Oh I forgot to tell you that exercise, yoga, meditation, and definitely Zumba are excellent solutions for stress relief or busy minds. If we have the tools, we should use them, right?  No procrastination 1Zumba 😉

It’s getting late, I know. I’m about to say “Good Night”, and until we talk again soon about a new puzzle, here’s my big hug 😉


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