Who to change?! One time a Greek lady told me that, but let’s first say thank you to our beloved readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, Slovenia and China 😉

You know, sometimes, there is something that you want to do but it feels too heavy to be done. It’s not in weight though, haha! When this happened you must find a way to do it by either specify a time frame, a certain date, or a certain day of the week. 

The only solution in this situation is to try to commit yourself to a time. It doesn’t matter if it was going to be a certain hour, day, month, etc. It is just a kind of getting yourself to be committed to do this hard-felt-to-do task. It’s important to do that coz there are deadlines. Tasks are not going to wait for your mood forever.

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If it was physical fitness, try not to procrastinate. It is not good for your mind or your heart, to keep saying next week, I’ll start exercising. Do it. Stop just thinking about it.

Procrastination is OK when it’s a movie you want to watch, a box you want to move, a TV you want to donate, but when it comes to critical matters, you can’t ok that. If it’s a letter of introduction for a job, a thesis statement for your school, or a prep work you need to do to pass an exam, man, you have to do it!

procrastinationMaking changes in your life is important, and if you experienced procrastination, it might lead to unfavorable results.

Lakisha, a Greek lady, once told me that she argued with her son that he could change his wife but he couldn’t change his mother. At that time I never thought about that. It was like a new way of thinking to me. Later on I thought that her saying could be applicable to a number of family members. By the same token, you can’t change your son or daughter, your cousin or nephew, your niece or grandma , and so forth 😛

In order to defeat temporizing, you need your pen to write down exactly what you want to do, even if it was putting the dishes in your dishwasher. You’d give a relief to your mind, instead of having it bombarded by the clicks of “why didn’t I do this?”.

Oh boy! There’s still a lot to say! Until we talk again, just hang on keep looking at our topics, you’d be surprised how inspired you would be. Remain cool with our hugs and kisses

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