Parking Thoughts!

You’re fantastic but do you think you’re doing well? Here’s the truth: You’re far far behind! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Sweden, Slovakia, France, Germany, and Netherlands! 😉

Assuming that you’re approaching a parking lot with few cars parked there, what would you like to do? Would you park your vehicle right next to another one? Or you’d rather choose a spot where nobody else is parking?SophieParkingSpot

It’s not a test, it’s just a thought about what makes sense to you and what wouldn’t.

Nana realized that some people would park right next to your car even if there was a whole open area where they could have parked anywhere not right next to the slot where you are.

When she raised up that exclamation mark, Phil responded that some people feel more secured being around others rather than being a loner.

Paul added that also some would think that the spot someone else is parked at could probably be safer than other spots, there’s underlying assumption, especially when you’re stranger in the area, that others who are already there could have known more about the place of this particular parking.

In busy areas people sometimes fight over parking spots, isn’t that weird?

For one good reason: when you practice the social distancing and you get out of your car, the distance between you and the other person who is getting in or out of her car would be less than 6 ft recommendation, right 😀

Until we chat again, stick to our notes and engage if you were really serious about reaching your highest inspiration spot with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel

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