Viva Seniors!

Forget the past, live the present, and be ready for the future! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers, bloggers, readers, friends, and all from the US, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Cuba, India, and Macedonia! 😉

One positive hope although there has been a lot of chaos about how to go back gradually to your normal life, and this is very normal. The simplest reason is that people are different. Every word you speak or hear could be interpreted in too many proportional ways. There is no specific definition for everything you’ve been exposed to lately.SophieChannel

One thing was quite cheerful today which is dedicating the month of May for the US seniors whom have been forgotten for some time; especially from their own family members.

Until we chat again, think about any senior in your life and give them some love and real good feelings, you’d be amazed of how it would come back to you with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel

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