Coloring Music!

There’s always more to see and more to know, this is the beauty of your life! 😉 Dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Netherlands, the UK, Colombia, Philippines, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, German, Iraq, France, Vietnam, India, Germany, Romania, and the UAE! 😉

Definitely a great welcome back n always glad that you’re safe. The shelter in place is still going on in CA since all residents received an Alert via texting informing them that the protection stay-at-home order would continue till the end of May.Coloring Music Cover

Since this is another whole month work for young kids and others challenged ones, I prepared this tiny coloring eBook for kids or student who can learn the names of some musical instruments, write it, color it, or draw it themselves, or having some dialogue about it with their parents or teacher.

It’s fun and full of simple nice drawings. I hope you like it and use it during this month. It can be used in a classroom as a slide-show that you can talk about and discuss. You can have your students choose the picture they like the most and print it for them to color or write a story about it if they are older kids.

Until we chat again, try to accumulate as many books and stories as you can for you when you dealing with your kids to shorten the time they spend on their TV or any other screen with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel


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