Hiding is a solution for troubled minds! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Iraq, Qatar, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Spain, Ecuador, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine, India, Hungary, the UK, Germany, Israel, Turks & Caicos Islands, Poland, and France! 😉

What is wrong with investigating new ideas whether it’s about the sun, the heat, the disinfection? Isn’t it better than doing nothing while watching people dying?  Why the negativity? You better replace it with open-minded approach. 🙄

Two movies may be worth watching not for their sophistication but rather for their bringing back simple acts to real life.

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The first one was “The Ultimate Legacy” and the second one was “Moonlight in Vermont”. The only reason we recommend it for you is that you deserve to watch a good movie nothing else.

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Until we chat again, keep yourself busy and entertain yourself from time to time until this shelter-in-place comes to an end with our hugs and kisses  SophieChannel

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