Mystery, N. Korea?

Welcome back dearest friends from the US, France, Germany, the UK, Philippines, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan, Latvia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago! 😉

How did he die? Is it real or only a claim? Was that published in the North Korea Newspapers?

Nobody knows yet. For two days it was said that doctors from here and there went to North Korea to make sure of the news, but as usual people are kept in the dark.

ClaimedDeadIf Kim died who is next or does China intends to take over? Why not, they still consider it part of them. Friends of ours & Twitter will let you all know very soon 🙂

Hush Hush policy confuses the economy although currently not too many countries are having a lot of trade exchange with other countries.

John said it was hard to believe that he died although there were thousands of people who died from the CoronaVirus, and he could have been infected like anyone of them.

But still Media spies should find out about that, unless it’s a military operation and the details will never be revealed until too many years later on to come.

Until we chat again, stay cool although it’s hot here, haha, with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel

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